Q: Login to shop 1 is always unable to link, what's going on?

A: Please refresh it first, or check whether the network is normal and whether you can log in to other websites. If the above two methods are invalid, there is another case that the webpage is being updated, which may affect your browsing. I hope you can understand.

Q: The website shows that the goods are sold out. When can I get them?

A: General replenishment time is 7-15 working days, specific or website information shall prevail.

Q: What are the specifications of this kind of goods? What is the performance?

A: Specific product specifications and performance problems, please pay attention to the product page information, you can also contact the manufacturer telephone consultation, or publish commodity consultation at the bottom of the commodity page, there will be professionals to answer for you!

Q: How to cancel an order?

A: You can enter my shop No.1 & mdash; my order & nbsp; to cancel the order by yourself or call the customer service center to cancel the order for you. If the order has entered the delivery phase and can not be intercepted successfully, please reject it when the delivery is on the door. Thank you for your cooperation.

Q: What's my point for?

A: You can use points to "points mall" channel of No.1 store for free exchange or points + cash to purchase special products.

Payment FAQs > >

Q: If I choose bank transfer, what should I pay attention to?

A: If you choose bank transfer, please make sure to indicate your order number in the purpose column of the remittance slip. The time of payment arrival is generally 2-5 working days after the payment is remitted. We will confirm the shipment for you as soon as we receive the payment. The order which has not been paid within 9 days will be cancelled and needs to be placed again. After remittance, enter my order information page to fill in the transfer information. As shown in the figure below:

Q: I paid through the Internet, why does the order show no payment?

A: Please check your online banking transaction records (you can contact bank customer service by telephone, or inquire through ATM, bank counter, login personal online banking, etc.) to confirm whether the funds have been transferred out successfully

If the payment is not transferred out successfully, please find the order in "my shop 1 & mdash; & mdash; my order" and pay it again

If the money has been transferred out successfully, please contact the customer service of shop 1

Q: Why can't I choose COD for my order?

A: The following situations do not support cash on delivery: (1) some goods belong to the goods delivered by the third-party seller, and payment on delivery is not supported; (2) your region is not within the scope of COD distribution

Q: The order has been submitted successfully. When can the goods be delivered?

A: After the order is submitted successfully, we will ship the goods as soon as possible. For detailed progress query, you can enter & quot; my shop No.1 & mdash; my order & nbsp; and click & amp; track package & nbsp; to view the order progress in real time.

Q: How to deal with the damaged package when signing in?

A: If the package is damaged, please reject the goods directly. If there is something wrong with the goods after signing, please submit the return and replacement application in my shop No.1 & mdash; my order & quot; and the professional after-sales personnel will solve the problem for you.

How to collect the delivery fee?

Q: Can you provide the contact number of the distributor?

A: When the order status shows & quot; delivered & quot; status, store 1 will update the delivery personnel number in the system; in my order - package tracking - packaging status - query the number of delivery personnel.

Q: The order has been cancelled. Would you like to send it back?

A: Sorry, once the order is cancelled, it can't be resumed. We suggest you place an order again

Q: Why does the system indicate that the liquid cannot be delivered when an order is submitted?

A: Due to the consideration of transportation safety, the liquid goods are restricted by the public security department and security inspection, so they can not be delivered. It is recommended that you choose other ways to purchase.

Frequently asked questions about returns and exchanges > >

Q: How do I handle return and exchange?

A: Shop 1 provides you with the service of self-service application for goods return and replacement. After logging in, you can enter "my shop 1 & mdash; my order & nbsp; and click & amp; apply for return & amp; Exchange & nbsp; to complete the application for return and replacement. As shown in the figure below:

Q: I have submitted a return application and want to cancel it. What should I do?

A: You can go to my shop 1 & mdash; my returns & mdash; my return records & amp; and click the & amp; cancel & nbsp; button.

Q: What kind of situation will charge the freight for return and replacement?

A: If the goods are returned or exchanged due to the quality problems, the No.1 store will provide you with free door-to-door pick-up or door-to-door exchange services; however, if the goods are returned or exchanged due to non-commercial quality problems, the customer will bear the freight charges for the return and exchange!

Frequently asked questions about refund > >

Q: How long can a refund be received after a successful cancellation?

A: The refund cycle of each type of order is different,

Q: Gift card payment, money back to where?

A: Gift card payment, cancellation, return and replacement can only be returned to your account in shop 1

Invoice FAQs > >

Q: The order is delivered, but there is no invoice. What should I do?

A: Please apply for a supplementary invoice within one month after the order is delivered. You can go to my shop No.1 & mdash; invoice management & amp; for self-service application, and we will send it by ordinary mail after receiving your application.

Frequently asked questions about accounts > >

Q: How to enhance the security of your account?

A: You can log in to the account of shop 1, bind the mobile phone number of your account, verify your email address and change your account password in a timely manner in the "my shop 1 - personal information management" (high strength password suggestion: three arbitrary combinations & mdash; & mdash; letters)