Hand Sanitizer should become a daily cleaning

Fourplus / 2020-08-10

Hand Sanitizer should become a daily cleaning

Staying at home does not require Gel hand sanitizer, when everything going back, the hand sanitizer are more and more important.

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When employees use their hands to write up a report, shake hands with clients, open doors and so on.
All of these activities expose hands to harmful germs and bacteria. 

While washing hands with soap and water is the best way to ensure hands to keep clean, it isn’t always
convenient. However, there is a simple solution: hand sanitizer.

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According to the WHO and the CDC, antibacterial hand sanitizer is one of the best tools available to avoid getting sick
and spreading germs. By placing hand sanitizer in  the office or public area, and other high traffic areas,
you can encourage employees to improve their hand hygiene and make office get a health environment.

The best way to remind employees to use hand sanitizer is to keep it in a place that is easy to get and use.
It’s important to place hand sanitizer near and around high-touch surfaces and communal areas, including:

• Entrances and exits.
A door handle could potentially be the cause of a widespread illness in the workplace have a research
showed that a within two to four hours, a virus placed on a doorknob was picked up by 40 to 60 percent of
workers and visitors within the facility. So the hand sanitizer coverage area should be expanded. Not only
disinfect the door handle, but also disinfect the light switch and other high-touch surfaces within the workplace. 
And provide a hand sanitizing station or set up a hand sanitizer machine 
nearby to limit the spread of infection.

• Meeting rooms. It is a high-touch area, thus swapping germs. So it is necessary
to provide an easy-to-access hand sanitizing station for people.

• Employee desks. Because people often touch desks, phones, computer keyboards and computer mice, so
placing individual instant hand sanitizers at desks keeps hand hygiene within reach.

Consider using foam hand sanitizers, as 84% of adults prefer foam sanitizer over sticky gel. It’s also best to use
sanitizers that contain moisturizers to prevent skin dryness.

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