When and how to use hand sanitizer?

Fourplus / 2020-08-10

When and how to use hand sanitizer?
Use hand sanitizer

If soap and water aren’t available and your hands are not xisibly dirty or greasy, you
can use hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.

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Accroding to Expert said, “Generally speaking, the only time to pick a hand sanitizer
is when you don’t have access to soap, water and a sink,” . “So it’s very convenience to
carry to everywhere and use any situation.

The step of washing your hand by hand sanitizer

How to choose a hand sanitizer

Alcohol solutions containing 70% to 75% alcohol are most effective, usually containing
either ethanol.

“A good thing to know is that ethanol, the most common alcohol ingredient, appears to be
the most effective against viruses.

Although alcohol-based hand rubs in the form of gels are most frequently used, it doesn’t
matter whether you pick a foam, gel or wipe. They all significantly reduce microorganisms
on the hands.


Noted for hand sanitizer

1.Alcohol-free formulations
The alcohol-free hand sanitizers, might be not as effective. These products may not work as
well on many germs and might only reduce their growth instead of killing them.

2.Proper technique

When applying hand sanitizer, make sure you use enough to cover all surfaces of your hands
and rub your hands together until they’re totally dry.

3."Anitibacterial" products
Don’t confuse these with hand sanitizer. Antibacterial soaps and body washes are no longer
allowed by the FDA
 to be marketed, as these products contain triclosan and triclocarban,
which may be harmful and don’t have proven effectiveness.
These chemicals may also contribute to creating antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which the alcohol
in hand sanitizers dose not do.

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